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5 Tips from a Bride to A Bride-To-Be

Are you starting your wedding planning journey and want to some advice? Then look no further, here are some tips from our gorgeous ex client Esther.


I think this is the first step! I am sure most ladies have always pictured their dream wedding and with time and continual inspiration your ideas might change. So I think have a clear idea of everything you want. Dream Big! Don’t be shy about it. You will be surprised how you come across savvy options and favors that make your vision equally as nice or nicer! So ladies -PIN IT! Or get a wedding planning journal and make every segment of your dream day clear. If you are like me and into detail, I literally wrote down scents I

wanted, pictures / dress details/ venue ideas etc, bridal party hairstyles, makeup, you name it. I Had pictures of it all.


Decide on your budget! I know Instagram continually sells the narrative that weddings need to be extravagant weddings, you need to spend that pound or book the most popular vendors. LOOK! IF you have the money to spend – heck why not! However, do not feel pressured to succumb to all these things. Always hone down and think about what your day means to you, what special touches do you want/ want people to remember? Make your wedding personal, let it reflect you, your love, and not external influences. Trust me, it will be that much more special even to those attending. You cannot beat a genuine

atmosphere. Anyway so regarding your budget, cut your coat according to your size and explore options that can give you what you want.


As soon as you mention the ‘W’ word prices are inflated and of course you only want to spend the bare minimum but there are certain vendors you cannot compromise on. I repeat! Cannot compromise on. I can give examples – photographers, videographers, event coordinator.. Let’s just say every vendor is vital so if you are trying to save money always shop around, don’t cancel an up-and-coming vendor just because they don’t have lots of followers or done lots of weddings. Meet them! Vet their work! Speak to trusted friends who can vouch for their work ! You will be surprised that some of the priciest vendors do a

tacky job or give a bad service. On the flip side, if there are vendors you have always dreamed of having but cannot afford them. Why not drop them a personal message telling them how much you love their work etc and sadly you only have a budget of ££.. you never know they might be touched and actually do you a solid favour! There is no harm in trying! Most vendors will be able to advise straight away whether your budget is realistic and if so, what you can achieve within it, that meets your requirements.


Goodness! I know we all love your girl gangs etc. But I tell you when it comes to your wedding, and the lead up to it being a smooth process. PICK YOUR TEAM WISELY! Just because someone is your partner’s sister, your sister, your best friend etc it does not mean they qualify to be in your bridal party! You need people that will make the process enjoyable, not stress you or the coordinator. If someone is not a good time-keeper, doesn’t respond to messages etc, always disagrees with your suggestions. GIRLLLL BYE!!

Better save your relationship that loose it over a season.


Even if you have an event planner/ co-ordinator or doing things yourself. Enjoy the process and actual day. NO WEDDING IS PERFECT! BUT IT can be perfect! HOW? Do your best and let whatever will be on the day BE! If you see anything go wrong ignore it and just enjoy, you will be surprised no one else notices haha! As a meticulous bride you want perfection but if you do not enjoy your day, you will regret it the next day! Plus if you aren’t happy it will show lol. The whole moment goes by so fast so honestly enjoy it before you are off on your honeymoon and thinking ‘awwhhh I want to do it all over again’ from sheer

regret! I loved my wedding, and I am so glad I enjoyed the process. Despite some hiccups along the way I can honestly say I cannot wait to do it all over again. Vow renewal loading.OHH!! AND A LAST TIP!

Be ON TIME! If you want to enjoy it, try your hardest to stick to your wedding schedule. You do not need to be a late bride especially if you have vendors booked for specific times.

Your wedding will be beautiful. You will look Beautiful x

Written by Esther Kamara


Coordinator: @ellianaevents

Hair and makeup: @hairjoy_bridal

Photo: @dbcaptures

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