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A wedding dress is both intimate and personal

"A wedding dress is both intimate and personal for a woman — it must reflect the personality and style of the bride." — Carolina Herrera

Here are some tips and advice from the wonderful sister-run bridal boutique - Silver Sixpence Bridal Boutique.

Research the designers

A great way to start getting an idea of what you want is browsing online at various different designers and see which jump out at you. Even though designers have dresses with different styles and silhouettes, most have an underlying theme or inspiration. See which designers align with your vision for your big day. For example boho / clean and modern or full glam. The options are endless!

Find shops based on the designers/ styles of dresses you like

Once you’ve done a bit of online browsing and have a rough idea of elements you like in dresses or specific designers you like, look for a shop that holds these in store. You are more likely to find a dress you love and have more to choose from if you are going somewhere that fits your vibe. All shops have different styles and designers so pick one that aligns with you and your vision.

Don’t over think it!

When you are starting to try dresses, try not to be too strategic with it. A lot of brides will pick dresses because they feel like they should be trying different things. Take strategy out of the equation when picking your dresses to try and just go with what naturally jumps out at you. Ask your bridal consultant to throw some curve balls in for you. They can then put you in different shapes based on the elements you actually like, rather than just trying a random dress on that ticks none of your boxes just because it’s a ball gown or fishtail and you think you should try one of those on. Trust your stylist!

Consider who you take dress shopping with you.

Consider who’s opinion is really important to you before you start inviting people to come dress shopping with you. If you feel like you need that person to make your decision, bring them with you. If you’re inviting someone because you feel like you should, consider wether this is in your best interest. For a lot of brides it can be very overwhelming to have too many opinions, especially if they are all different. Bring your best girl gang who you know are going to have your best interest at heart and understand your vision.

Be prepared

Make sure that whenever you are trying dresses on you are as prepared as possible. Do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel great. If you know you want your hair up, wear it up to try on dresses. The same with your hair down or however you may want it, try and roughly mimic that vision so you can see it all coming together. If you have nude and no VPL underwear, put that on. A bad pair of pants is always distracting when trying clothes on! Be prepared so that you are not worrying about little things during your appointment and you can really enjoy yourself and relax.

Written by Silver Sixpence Bridal Boutique

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