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Let's Talk Budgets!

Having a wedding budget is a MUST no matter the size of your wedding.


Having a budget will help you with your wedding planning process, so you know where to start your planning process from. Putting down a figure next to your list of services and items for your wedding makes it very clear where your money is being spent.

This will help you to ensure you prioritise your must haves to luxury items or services.

Often you can get carried away with multiple ideas and inspirations, but having a budget will help you to focus those ideas and really zone in on the things that are important to you as a couple.

Finally, it is so important that the budget you set is based on research, often times budgets are picked out at random with no real research behind it. Which can make it difficult if you are trying to achieve a luxury wedding with an unrealistic budget. The costs associated with wedding services or items are centred around the level of work required, expertise of vendors and most importantly passion in creating a magical experience for you the couple.

The experience and memories created on your wedding day isn't based on the size of your budget, but having a well planned budget will certainly help.

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