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Wedding Cakes Are Limitless

Your wedding cake is an important part of your day, both the design and the taste of it, this all adds to your guest experience. Here are some tips and advice from the amazing luxury cake designer Leanne from The Whimsical Cakes.

When it comes to your wedding cake, you have quite a few options. The wedding cake you choose may be determined by your budget – the options for designs and styles are limitless!

Like every factor of your wedding, more budget is usually given to those you want to give priority to! For me, this would be the wedding cake. Perhaps the dress first, then the cake! 

As a general guide, minimal decoration and smaller wedding cakes will be less expensive than decorated alternatives. The semi naked style of wedding cake seems to be here to stay, and once decorated with flowers, fruit, foliage etc these can look stunning. However, these are best for late autumn/spring/winter weddings due to the potential for the hot weather to ruin your cake, especially if they are to be left in a marquee! Fondant iced wedding cakes are, generally speaking, more expensive than the semi naked cakes, but also MUCH more stable in the heat.

Top tips

Whilst thinking about your wedding cake, and budget, think about the design aspects you would really like. The more intricacies and details on your wedding cake, the more it will cost. If cost is a factor, be upfront with your wedding cake designer, and mention that you are on a budget from the initial enquiry, your supplier should be able to let you know straight away whether your budget is realistic and if so, what

you can achieve within it, that meets your requirements. It may be that you would rather have a smaller cake, that has that wow factor when it comes to details and design.

Another little trick is to elevate your small cake high on a cake stand or extend the flowers above the height of the top tier. Small cakes can be so beautiful, don’t disregard this as an option. It’s also worth taking into account that there will probably be a delivery and set up charge for your wedding cake. It’s

advisable to have the professional deliver and set up your cake, as they are incredibly fragile to transport.

Things to consider

I may be biased, but I do believe that your wedding cake plays a very important role in your big day! If it’s important to you too, do your research well. Look at the galleries and social media sites of your favourite cake designers, as well as guide price pages on their websites etc and collate as information for your supplier before you make that initial enquiry, such as date of your wedding, how many guests you’ll be expecting (roughly), the venue, style and size of cake and any extra photos you have saved for inspiration.

If your cake maker is running a business on his or her own, it is likely that they will limit the amount of orders taken in one week, in order to be able to dedicate the time that’s required and ensure you are received the highest quality of work.


An average wedding cake cost, for a tiered and iced cake, would probably be around £675 - £900 based on the most recent wedding season. As I’ve mentioned, though, this can vary a lot depending on size and decoration. Don’t forget that your wedding cake is a bespoke product, and it won’t be the same as anyone else’s. That all-important cutting of the cake photos will be yours forever, so isn’t it worth taking the time and investment to make sure that you have the wedding cake of your dreams?!

Written by Leanne @ The Whimsical Cakery - Luxury Cake Design

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